Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fake caller id when texting

Texting has over the recent past become the favorite for the phone users. The fact that it’s cheaper makes it one of the reasons why most people will prefer using it as a mode of communication. While most texting services will requires you to provide your phone number, there are other services that will help hide phone number when sending texts.

Though at times it seems unethical and rude to send text without revealing your identity, it is at times fun to prank your friend who has a good sense of humor.

Tips on how to send text messages from anonymous number

TxtDrop.com is one website you want to check. They offer a free application that will help you hide phone number when sending texts. When you land on their homepage, you will see an app on the left side of the page beside a phones' image. Then provide your email address where the replies to your messages will be directed to after you send your messages. Plus it will also show the mobile number of the recipient. Add your message and click on the >send> button. The god thing with txtDrop.com is that they offer the service at no charge-completely free. They support several mobile providers in US and Canada. If you have some unanswered questions, check their FAQ’s section. The app is also compatible with iPhone, Mac OS and Windows Vista so that you can easily send texts on your desktop.

If you are looking to send text online, you need the services of TextForFree.net. The services allow you to text from an anonymous number online. You just need to log online and enter the recipient’s number and the type of text message, provide the subject and the message body. Choose the mobile provider of the recipient and click send-simple. However you are limited to messages with forty characters long.

The last website this article will introduce you to is TxtEmNow.com, where you easily send free anonymous messages online. Visiting this website, you will be given an online form to fill up. The form will help in providing the recipients phone number, including the Area code and your email or name, or leave the sender’s box completely blank. Then choose the location of the sender; Canada, US or outside the two countries. After you’ve made that, type your message-limited to one forty characters and then click send button.

The good thing with these websites is that you can send texts any time, but since you are using online mode, you are able to hide phone number for recipient’s ability to know the sender. However, ensure that you always read the terms and conditions of the website you use to send anonymous messaging services.

Lastly, this article strongly prohibits anyone who wants to hide phone number so as to send derogatory, malicious or messages they can cause harm to the recipient. The services are to be used for fun, or share good news in a more innovative way.